Nikkei 225

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Quiet1, Sep 29, 2005.

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    You think people wanna buy Japanese stocks right now? Zooooooooom....

  2. any preferred technical indicators for scalping the nikkei?
  3. empee


    hi, does anyone trade this. I want to get involved is the best way via CME Dollar Yen (NKZ5) for instance? Or is there a more liquid/better way to trade against the n225?

  4. simex nikkei 225's are the best way . trade em thru IB.
  5. Just checked it (its IB symbol is SGXNK right?).

    It looks quite liquid, but it trades in 5pt tick increments. Maybe it's a leftover from the times that NIKKEI was trading at 40.000 points?

    Just like ES's 0.25tick was OK when SP500's avg daily range was 22-25pt...
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    compared to the n225 futures that trade with a minimum interval of 10 ticks it quite tight.
  7. How's that volatility/liquidity for scalpin nikkei stocks intraday?