Nikkei 225 New Bull Market

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  1. I don't post much because honestly I don't believe in giving out free information to a bunch of pikers. However, I will fill you losers in on a secret: There is a new bull market in town: JAPAN - Nikkei 225.

    And guess who owns contracts at 12940. Talk shit. Say what you want.

    I'll be back in 6 months to rub it in your faces.

    Sidenote: There are a few minority posters on ET who are okay.

    PS - Don't expect me to reply to any flames despite the derogatory wording of this post. I am better than you.
  2. With an attitude like that, you'll soon be "23andpoor".:D
  3. Your first trade is it big guy? Good luck
  4. :D :eek: :D
  5. 13070 offered!!!!!
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    I really don't see why Japanese equity markets are any more attractive than domestic - might as well go long on S&P 500 if you believe recovery is imminent.
  7. It sounds a lot like a certain individual who just left the forum [after the S&P closed below 1552] ...
  8. That is just flat out wrong. Nikkei 225 is much more correlated with US 10-year note yields than ES.

    Japanese banks are packing real savings and not a bunch of trashed asset-backed securities. They have among the lowest inflation of the industrialized countries. Their econ numbers have been upside surprising with increasing frequency over the past few months. They are extremely energy efficient.

    Good luck, schmucks.
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    Huh? S&P has been below 1552 since last October.
  10. he meant 1252 if i am not mistaken.
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