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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by insight, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. insight


    Just wondering if the Nikkei 225 March contract (Singapore open outcry) will be trading today: Tues 31/1/05?

    Can't seem to locate a good website.

    Got a feeling they have knocked off early for the month, some holidays perhaps?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. cmaxb


    Just a random thought, but wouldn't it be great if the exchanges had e-mail service. They could send out e-mail when there is a holiday.
  3. And they're off...Nikki up and running again today. Up 1% in early trading. wow

    That market is going crazy, up 50% since May.
  4. insight


    The futures market is open today, got a reply from my broker.

    Must say it's hard to find good resources on the internet sometimes, I'm sure they are there just hard to track down.
  5. Courtesy of IB:
  6. Nikkei 225 +145.14 +0.88% 16,696.37 1/31 11:00am

    japan is like the naz in 1999. how hard is it for people in the us to trade it with ib?
  7. No problems: although pretty tough to predict, there's decent liquidity (similar to ym) and if u follow size u'll be more often right than wrong, and that's more the case for the opening range.
    Watch out for 100+ lots size trades.

    Ooooops, Im not in the US.
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