Nikkei 225 Futures Historical Data

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  1. bidask


    Where can I get historical futures data on the Nikkei 225? only has the past couple of years.
  2. If does not have a symbol or only has limited availability, it will not be easy finding from another source.

    You will find minute data on the N225, but tick is going to be difficult.

    Also, much easier to find cash index vs futures.
  3. sammus


    check CSI data or Pinnacle data
  4. I have been looking for cheap index / futures data for global / international indexes. Unfortunately it's much easier to find ETF data. For Japan, EWJ or ITF.
  5. Yahoo Finance. Find the Nikkei index. Click Historical Prices.

  6. That's good for EOD data. Intraday historical tick or bar data though?
  7. Do you need the futures, index, or etf?
  8. Futures preferred. Index OK. ETF third choice. It looks like pitrading is one of the cheapest ways to go.
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