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  1. Yes, Jake from Chicago...I know him and met him at a seminar I conducted for a brokerage back in those days when I was a CTA...He was the main attraction!

    I like his historical take on commodities....very informtive and statistically mind-boggling (keeps me awake at nights)

    Stochastic's pop....did not know that one...thanks...

    Michael B.

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  2. It's been worthwhile for me. What else can I say? Empirically, I don't see any evidence of an agenda (other than helping people).

    To each his own, I guess.

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  3. Mecro


    Absolutely correct.
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  4. maybe, maybe not. some ways of trading are simple, some are complicated.

    you going to tell me all the best trading methodologies in the world can be summed up in 2 or 3 paragraphs? get a clue, dude.
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  5. and it figures this moron (who has admitted he is, and i quote, "too scared" to trade ES) agrees with you. yeah, as if he's someone who is in the position to know anything about trading ES.
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  6. lindq


    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your usual infantile insults.

    I believe I missed the post where you reported that you are making money as a trader.

    That was when?

    Once you actually begin to experience some success on your own - if ever - I would invite you to share your thoughts.

    Until then, please take your insults and other garbage somewhere else, and stop bringing your trash talk to an otherwise useful site. After 3000 posts (!), one would think that you would begin to have something actually positive to contribute. But that's obviously too much to ask of you.
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  7. dbphoenix


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  8. DITTO...

    second what lindq said!

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  9. now we have GG expressing strong trading opinions... and supporting the nonsense from jack h. Damn, that is scary..... !! Gotta check my overnights since if gekko is applauding the upside as he's done on other threads, and calling new highs on ES... and returning to ET with renewed vigor.. when he said he had quit trading many times since he couldn't apparently make a nickle....

    ....we all gotta worry the market will crash!!!

    GG... don't mistake a bull market for brains!

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  10. so far i've only made short trades today, clown.
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