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    I had the worst dream last night. At 2am (5am EST) I woke up in a cold sweat. It's Monday morning. I'm following e-mini's and MACD (5,13,6) moves above 0.4. My heart beats a little faster. I check Stochastics (14,1,3) and both are above 80%. I push the key to buy 1 contract from CyberTrader as hundred's maybe thousands across the world are doing. I sit back and watch the screen, but then my dream takes me to AZ. I see an old, heavy set guy with a pony tail setting at a desk behind a curtain. At first it looks like the wizard of oz but on a close up I see it's Jack Hershey (Grob109). He pulling levers and smoke is coming out but he's talking to his broker. "That’s right short 100 e-mini's and as usual cover after 2 points down". As he hangs up he rubbing his hands together saying "the masses are asses".

    Please Jack tell me ain't so.
  2. Well, if you were buying a rocket...isn't that contrarian to the traditional use of the stochastics?

    Sorry to butt in....none of my business....

    Michael B.

  3. you're the ass.

    post this sh!t using your main alias, you 2-post spineless idiot.

    jack has offered his trading info FOR FREE. if you don't like it, fine. you don't punish people who offer to help, even if you disagree, fool.

    i hope your next nightmare is me beating you up.
  4. Yes, but Jack may have just as well writen his free trading advice in hieroglyphics.
  5. Maybe he's the Phantom of the Pit :D

  6. Hes definitely not the Phantom. Heavy set with a pony tail sure doesnt fit the image I had but Ive never seen the man. Its hard to imagine a heavy set man in a glider. I had him figured for a fitness freak but just guessing.
  7. Jack is not Phantom (Phantom worked on the floor, Jack has worked all sorts of places in academia and gov't).

    Here's what I don't understand about the vociferous critiques of Jack's writing:

    The act of critique, especially with the demands for clear explanation, presuppose a desire for the information. That desire implies that the critic has placed some sort positive value on the information in the first place.

    It seems to me that the rational consequence of those antecedents is to work through the more problematic posts, asking for clarification along the way. Jack has willingly responded with explanation to nearly every query submitted in this fashion.

    The churlish demands for clear writing and hand-holding, along with the rediculous ad hominem attacks, point more to seriously weird mommy/daddy issues on the part of the attacker than any deficiency with Jack's communication skills.

    This is not to say that Jack's posts are crystal-clear-- they're not. They're full of odd vocabulary, inaccessible metaphor, and are hampered by the unholy union of Joyce-ian punctuation with the textual sensibilities of e.e. cummings.

    IMHO, I think it's important to focus on process over product. Things are worth what you're willing to pay for them; many people have found their own gems in Jack's posts after expending the effort to understand them. Frankly, he and a handful of other posters are the only reason I bother with ET.

    Just my HKD$0.02

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    You're being taken for a ride. Anyone who can't define a trading strategy in at most 2 or 3 clearly written paragraphs has more on their agenda than helping others.

    Nothing in this business is as obscure or esoteric as some would have you believe. And if they make it so, that should be your first sign that you should be taking your advice from other sources.
  9. Yeah...but who would have thought to use stochastics the way he does?

    Is it just me?.....but never heard of his technique before.....

    Michael B.

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    electricsavant, it's the 'stochastic pop' made popular by jake bernstein.

    wjmoc, what was the smoke coming out of? :p
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