Night Traders Unite!

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  1. How about a thread to discuss the Asian markets in real time, like the ES journal?

    I know you guys are out there. Come on in, the water's warm.
  2. I'm wondering if Taiwan is going to break out of this wedge sometime tonight.

    Quite the run up by the Nikkei earlier. I only caught 5 ticks of that move on one contract after the first pullback. Should have been more aggressive but it didn't quite pull back to my ideal entry.
  3. STW wedge broken, let's see if we can get some continuation.
  4. What up

    Es night owl here

  5. dont know about you ... but i'm now long tw

    might prove wrong but there is little to lose on short side before i know it
  6. Looks like ES got pulled up a few points with the Nikkei run-up. Still, I'd rather be trading what's actually moving at this hour. I focus on the Nikkei and the Taiwan futures.
  7. spi's nice too (lovely moves) but closed today for ANZAC holiday. Can't even by a coffee in Aus (have to go down to the RSL and get pxssed with the diggers).
  8. I'm still flat on TW. I trade pullbacks after strength, and I haven't seen any strength in any direction yet on TW tonight.
  9. stw kinda critical now .... i still on upside bet
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  10. spersky


    What exchange can I trade the nikkei? I have a futures account. The nikkei futures on GLobex seem very illiquide
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