Nigerian scam victims should be locked up

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Banjo, Aug 24, 2008.

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  2. Great, I wish more people will think like this guy. All this scam nonsense publicity is robbers robbing robbers. Every country has rebels that don't agree with the Govt & don't what to follow the appropriate chain of command. Nigerian rebels don't kill, they scam & rob their Govt with the help of foreigners. Their foreign clients are not victims, they are robbers. They rob the Nigeria Govt together & the country keeps getting poor. The Govt wish that they have enough resources to arrest more, unfortunately many get away with it. You don't hear about thousands & thousands who got away..they made millions of cash for their criminal foreign clients, so they are not called victims in this case. The Govt use up lots of unnecessary resources trying to fight these scam rebels for many years but the victim are not helping. The 'so called victims' seek out these criminals to engage in a get rich quick scam to scam Nigerian Govt & when it doesn't work they come to the same Govt they were trying to rob for help. They should stick to 9 -5pm jobs like the rest of us. It is like a bank robber complaining that he dropped his wallet while running..its very annoying.

    In many parts of the world, oil/gas/gem stones & many other natural products are controlled by legitimate companies, monitored by the Govt body. So why think that Nigeria will be different? If the offer is legal then go through the legal channel. If it sounds funny, looks funny, smells funny, with loud bells ringing in both ears... stay away.

    Just like you should stay away from all these unlicensed prop firms here before they take your money. There are criminals in every country. What justifies your actions? What makes it alright to bypass the legal channel & the Govt to steal oil/gas..& expect Nigeria Govt to pay for the investigation..& then bring the media to label the entire country as robbers..including the hard working citizens. Doesn't it sound familiar, history repeats itself. Unfortunately for Nigerians (non-rebels), they remain the true victims, unrecognized victims..history repeating.