Nigaz to build refineries, pipelines and gas power stations in Nigeria.

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  1. Gazprom seals $2.5bn Nigeria deal

    Russia's energy giant Gazprom has signed a $2.5bn (£1.53bn) deal with Nigeria's state operated NNPC, to invest in a new joint venture.

    The new firm, to be called Nigaz, is set to build refineries, pipelines and gas power stations in Nigeria.

    Analysts say the move could further strengthen Russia's role in supplying natural gas to Europe.

    The agreement comes during a four-day African tour by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    As well as forming Nigaz, Russia is keen on developing a trans-African pipeline to transport Nigerian gas to Europe.

    This could further reinforce Gazprom's already-strong influence over Europe's energy supplies.
  2. I wonder if they will employ white people there. Can you imagine someone asking what you do and you say "i work for Nigaz, but i really hate it...i hate working for nigaz"
  3. Is this what they mean when they talk about "Nigerian Oil" scams? :cool:
  4. "Nigaz"???

    You GOTTA be kiddin' me???!!!! :p
  5. Do they have attitude?
  6. they will soon be sued by a medellin, colombia based kids jeanswear company of the same name.
  7. fhl


    After the refineries are built, we can look forward to our energy needs being held hostage by nigaz.
  8. I overheard at the airport today that their preferred airline for corporate travel is NWA. All employees are asked to use the Eazy-E check-in system too...
  9. You owe me a new keyboard.
  10. That's a really unfortunate name.
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