Niederhoffer's year end contest! ($2500 prize for 3 best 2011 trading ideas)

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  1. For those who like to make predictions for the coming year, Victor Neiderhoffer, (The trader and proprietor of the very interesting, informative, and cheerful site, has very generously created a "Market calls" contest for 2011.

    The person who submits the best three ideas for making money in 2011 will be eligible for a $2500 dollar prize.

    It looks like a great idea!

    Exact rules are at the page below:
  2. It looks like Mr. Niederhoffer has upped the prize to $3250!
  3. With the kind of money he's used to handling, doesn't that seem like mere pocket change?
  4. 1) Short-sell out-of-the money put options. :cool:
    2) Short-sell deep-out-of-the-money put options. :D
    3) Short-sell deep-deep-out-of-the-money put options. :eek:
  5. I do not think it makes a difference!

    Many here like to discuss/come up with year end predictions for the coming year. Here is a risk free contest where one can potentially win $3250 for your idea.

    What more needs to be said?
  6. Valueinvestorsclub is another good one, I agree.

    However, you have to be accepted as a member, They do not let just anyone in. That average member there is of very high caliber (Professional/Hedge fund/very serious private investor).
  7. Without having looked at that website, those kind of people are excited at the prospect of a $5000 payout? :confused: :(
  8. How would I know what the excitement level generated by the reward is? What does it matter?

    It is what it is. Not every analyst/investor is a centi+-millionaire who sees 5k as having zero marginal value.

    I figure Joel Greenblatt (who runs the site) finds it worth his while to offer the reward, otherwise he would not do it.
  9. He may actually get a "good" idea that can be worth centimillions of dollars to him in exchange for a pittance. :)
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