Niederhoffer still on top !

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  1. I'm not losing my temper, merely calling you out for talking about which you have no idea and should not be commenting on.


    -his trading
    -trading in general
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    Sorry to disappoint you but I will not ask for your permission what to comment on these forums. You can ignore my posts but what you are saying makes no sense to me.

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  4. by da way he's always been sellin' naked puts, especially on futs; there's a lot to read about him on da net and as a previous poster said also quite a few interviews where he lays out his strategy.. u are the 1 who's not informed and makin' inappropriate comments.
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  5. Pekelo


    Man, the record of Dighton W.W. Inv. sure looks impressive from that list in Futures magazine:

    Return of 2005: 46.3% (5th on the list)

    DD: 4.8% (4th best)

    3 year compounded ann.: 80% (best on the list)

    Sharpe ratio: 2.7 (best on the list)

    Worste 12 month: 46% (best on the list, only 2 funds had positive 12 worse months)

    Best 12 months: 285% (best on the list)

    I think we have an overall winner. Actually this fund also pretty much beats all the other funds in almost all categories from the less than 10 mill AUM group...
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    Excellent comments!
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  7. Choad


    He has mentioned on his site in reference to Taleb closing his fund from, allegedly, steady losses, that VN "sold most of his options to Taleb". Not that exact quote, but along those lines.
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  8. Darwin


    Bitstream wrote that Niederhoffer "is always exposed to black swan events that took him out already a couple of times."

    OK. I have detailed knowledge of Niederhoffer and his trading.

    Yes, he blew up once. That was eight years ago. There hasn't been a second time. He started trading client money against in February '02. He was good before and he is good again now.

    You can get the figures from Mar or Bloomberg or Barclay's or whatever: Up 294% since inception of his fund in February '0s.

    2003: +40%
    2004: +50%
    2005: +56%

    Up 9.5% in January '06 and up 5.9% last month.

    How much more do you freaking want? If anybody else has ever done anything similar, after being almost totally shut out and having to maintain triple margin until he proved himself again and...hats off to you.

    Every time the market goes down there is a rumor or two that Niederhoffer has blown up again. Let's just say it would be very surprising if, after eight years, he were indeed still using the same strategy that once did him in.

    As for black swans, isn't the real question whether these rare events are priced into the market or not, and whether it's possible to maintain a reasonable reward-to-risk in light of same? -- Darwin
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  9. its impressive returns. do you know what type of strategy he is using now?
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  10. suffice to say, VN port is nicely structured with the ability to earn outsized gains combined with sensible risk measures.


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