Niederhoffer still on top !

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  1. Niederhoffer's Matador fund is listed in the latest Futures Magazine with a 56% gain in 2005 with 240 million AUM. Listed 4th on the list of all CTA's over 10 million.

    Like a phoenix, VN continues to rise from the ashes.

    nice going!


  2. Does he accept new money ?
    Minimum ?
    What fees he charges ?
  3. Choad


    Will he catch the "I am the invincible Niederhoffer" hubris disease and blow up again?

    Not really slamming him, but investors may be taking a chance. If it happened once...
  4. he also blew when his massive pos of naked short options went assigned to him on sept the 11th 2001 if I am not mistaken.
  5. Unlikely in the near term. No doubt his blow up has had a profound influence. Perhaps if he's still going in 10 years with phenomenal results. But for now, I would think he can keep it in check.
  6. As of early 05 Victor was still accept new investments, I believe the minimum is $250k or so, and the management fee, if I remember correctly from the presentation, was 2.5/20.
  7. what kind of style is used in this fund? is he still selling puts?
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    Is that Victor or his little brother (Roy)?
  9. Matador is Victor's fund. Roy's fund (RG Niederhoffer) didn't do nearly as well in '05. It is interesting that Matador is almost bigger than Roy's fund these days.
  10. yes, in da past he was sellin' puts on indexes/futs; maybe calls also...not sure now tho, but his main strategy is and always has been sellin naked, so it is always exposed to black swan events that took him out already a couple of times.
    don't like his strategy at all; a tickin time bomb.
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