Niederhoffer on RocknRoll, mike Jackson & Trend Following

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    electronic beeps that his switch-on electronics for 2-year-olds plays, with no harmony or timbre to it, but strictly rhythm and tones. It's apparently just as much the rage as the Yiddish rapper and of course its the analogue of the electronic algorithms' robotic activity that currently dominates futures and individual stock trading. The best sounds came during the 1 1/2 hours it took each group to set up all their equipment, and I guess the group with the best amplifiers and lighting is the most favored the same way the robots near the exchange and the "banks" that have their debt guaranteed by the Fed so they have all the capital in the world to shake out the mere public who don't have the electronics or funds to compete with them.

    I next attended a Don McLean concert and heard his song American Pie, which reminded me so much of all the trendfollowing books that I've read which did so much good 50 years ago and have been voluminous though completely out of date since. Apparently McLean was once a great, and had a hit song, the same way the large man once made a fortune by buying beans on the way up and shorting them on the way down.

    Regrettably I did not get to see the pre-concerts of Michael Jackson although my daughter Katie once attended his father's 50th birthday party and got a private showing of the zoo when I was a star. Jackson was once a great, then lost everything and had as his best friend a chimpanzee, and liked to dress up funny and play with youngsters. He was in eclipse a non-entity, but then when he died, he became the most loved and revered of them all. My goodness, I heard this exact story before. Morse is back. He first was famous for bulling up Trolley and Canal in the 1870s but then lost everything in the panic of '77 when Livingston got his start. But then he was a ghost. Still he was spotted while a ghost walking down Wall Street and Radio immediately went up 15% thinking that Morse was back. Well, you get the picture...............
  2. And what about the man in pastel?

  3. nantucket red?
  4. I think you know to whom I refer.
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    Good ol Vic. Ironic how a guy like himself who failed miserably in trading can rip on others. He obviously is still jealous of others who have succeeded all these years after he imploded his funds............twice.

  6. perhaps his competitive nature and ego was the undoing the second time around as a fund manager. however, i need to disagree about the failing at trading---- managing a fund and trading are two different things.

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    He bought and sold index options...he speculated, traded, managed money....whatever you want to call it....he lost all his clients money....he failed.

    End of story Surf.........
  8. failure is an option

    nice pun
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    I don't follow the knock on trend following from Vic. I am sure he has the ability to look at month by month performance histories of trend followers and know damn well that their performance is not "dated". Take a Bill Dunn. No doubt very volatile. Takes the big drawdowns as part of his plan. Now is there anyone who would not take Dunn's 35 year track record? He is over 70 years of age and in his 35th plus year last year made $60M. Gee, that sucks. Gee, that was all luck.
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