Niederhoffer new book

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  2. I'm back into posting just for this...

    I've waiting for his book and now it comes...

    Can't wait what he has...

    Despite his downfall, Neiderhoffer's a genius...
  3. why do you think he is a genius ?

  4. no question, gann. niederhoffer's one of the most brilliant minds ever concerned about the market.

  5. everybody is saying he is brilliant, anybody care to say why ?
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    At one time he was a high-profile out-performer in the hedge fund arena. HE ALSO BLEW OUT A HEDGE FUND and got lots of ink because of it. Maybe wise to take his words with a grain of salt.
  7. That's how I look at it. I'm certainly not purchasing his books. This man made money in the early years, then got more money under management, and wound up losing more than he ever made. His story is a cautionary tale, not a success story. But, he is good at keeping his image up and selling his writing.
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    I guess this is the only way he can make a living now. I learned nothing from the first book other than they wear socks in his office and he enjoys competitive checkers. He took us through 450 pages of an ego trip. Typical born a born white boy, etc.
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    Neiderhoffer, Richard Dennis, Jessie Livermore and many other giants of trading may be brilliant minds but they all suffered devastating losses. I think what troubles me is that they suffered these large losses at a very mature stage in their trading career.

    imho to be able to hold on to your fortune is a sign of true greatness (Buffet, Tudor etc), that you have overcome whatever demons that possess us mere mortals.
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