Niederhoffer In Trouble..... Again !!

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  1. the fact that he is not paying taxes is, if not applaudable, then at least inspirational.

    the fact that individual income is under 300k is a bit depressing.
  2. He's probably posting as we speak on a new theory of tax futures whereby you can trade in and out of your tax obligations via the futures Markets, but he'll be complaining that the tax market as it currently is, is illiquid and non-transparent.
  3. Counselor,

    I fear for your clients. How do calculate income of 300k if state taxes owed are over 200k?


  4. isnt that column individual income as in reported income?
    even if those are just the taxes owed - then it still not much income.

    and do fear for clients - :):):) i fear and pray for them myself :))))

  5. No, that is personal state income taxes owed. Think about it, would someone who made 220k/year be listed in the topp 100 tax scoff list in CT ??

    CK:D :D
  6. It is Sunday....:D ...and you mob are cold...only in the 50s and I am in the south of Florida
  7. yeah, with over 2 feet of snow! you are lucky, i am jealous!!

  8. well, lets face it, thats 290k more than yours.
  9. where is mktsurfer
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