Nicolas Sarkozy going nuts

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Sarkozy will do a huge which domain

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  1. Interior politics

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  2. International (beyond Europe) politics

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  3. European politics

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  4. On a TV show (already done-but more to come)

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  5. Stupid ass overwhelmed with mistakes already

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  6. This guy is a genius he will survive and bring France to 1st European strongest economy

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  1. Where his biggest mistake will come from?
  2. sim03


    Yes, this thread belongs squarely in Forex Trading.

    Where is rateesquad when you need him?
  3. avarus


    will come from trying to "americanize" france.
  4. Sure it does, Euro zone and euro currency is highly correlated with the futur of this 21st century Napoleon!
  5. On the contrary, I think his tenure as the French president has been exceptional thus far. His cabinet selections have been, for the most part, unbiased and inclusive - he simply takes the best person for the job, regardless of their party other words, the way things should be.

    I think the Socialist alternative in Royal would have been horrible for France and put it further behind the rest of the developing global economy. Perhaps with Sarkozy, France can finally be rid of the shackles that have handicapped the job market and, by extension, the French economy for so many decades. If he can manage that, you can be sure I'll be long French equity.
  6. LT701


    He's a complicated character. On the one hand, his actual actions with immigration are positive.

    But I would think it's offensive to have an immigrant come in, and tell you they like the culture of another country better (USA)

    As an American, I sure as heck dont appreciate immigrants coming to the USA and trying to change us (press 3 for deportation)

    In his defense, I thought leslie stahl on 60 minutes made a cheap shot at him, asking him about wife rumors and filming him walking out, on the day his wife left him

    How would she like it, if someone did that to her?
  7. It's suspected that he was/is a Mossad agent. No joke. If you think his loyalties lie anywhere else than with israel, you are blind.

    And I see he split up with his wife. It was in the news. Ya gotta love these 'family values" neo cons.
  8. You are dead on accurate Toronto. Married couples should always stay together even when one gets hummers under the desk from an intern. Use of the word neocon makes you appear stupid not intelligent.
  9. maxpi


    60 minutes just ensnares people and tortures them, pure and simple. Some of those interviews they do take many hours and they wear the participant down and make them look like shit to the extent possible. Mike Wallace was such a hostile asshole he suffered from major depression. I always felt that if he didn't have that job he would be torturing animals....

    Sarkozy should have flipped them the bird on the way out as a spokesperson acting on behalf of the powerless....
  10. A bit off topic but...under Sarkozy France seems to be finally coming back to its senses:

    France: Iran closer to nuclear bomb than IAEA thinks

    French Defense Minister Herve Morin brushed aside on Monday remarks by the head of the UN nuclear watchdog that there was no proof Iran was building an atomic bomb, saying France had information to the "contrary".

    The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said on Sunday Tehran was still years away from having the ability to produce a nuclear weapon and that the IAEA had no evidence it was building a bomb. "Our information, which is backed up by other countries, is contrary (to ElBaradei's comments)," Morin told a news conference in Abu Dhabi. (Reuters),7340,L-3465496,00.html
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