Nico Trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by LionTrader, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone works there, or know these guys, any comments are appreciated.
    This is regarding a possible career with them.
  2. yoyoman2


    If your starting off as a TA then beware working conditions are not great and turnover is high ...
  3. Vidar


    Any specifics on the high turnover for TA's? Do the "poor" working conditions extend to the Traders as well?
  4. I had a friend that worked there they don't pay their traders shit and they are pissed if you want to leave and make money basically the options on Fed Funds is a gay over quant-ed market that sucks! The turnover is very high also.
  5. yoyoman2


    on a plus side there is plenty of cereal in the kitchen :)
  6. Thanks for replies, but I have no interest in Nico anymore.
    Got the gig as TA with another firm, right now I'm in SP pit, and hopefully in about a year will be upstairs.
    It's a small group, so I'm happy that they are paying me decent and making me proficient in everything around options, not just arbing.
  7. great choice man, you would have gotten lost in the shuffle over there...