Nico Trading in Chi

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  1. Anyone with some info on these guys?

    I got an interview tomorrow and a short test. What should I expect? Do you know even what they trade? options? market makers? futures? Shoot I sent out a million resumes.

    It looks like they don't have a website. Seems to be the norm with these locals.

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  3. Alright. Yeah, they trade treasury options. Cool.

    I don't know why this didn't come up in my search. Screw Yahoo.
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    I think Nico primarily trades eurodollar options, There is also another company called Team Niko in the building. They are primarily an electronic filling group.
  5. eurodollars, great. I love eurodollars.

    I'm going down there at 2 tomorrw so I'll post and give you the skinny.
  6. So I went to the test . . . .

    Wow . . didn't expect anything like that. . . I really bombeb the last part where you have to repeat back a string of random numbers . . Wow, just bombed it.

    I did finish the quantitive stuff though.

    I'm supposed to hear from them
  7. Any other opinion about the firm?

    Where are they located?
  8. 311 Wacker

    It's nice. They're about to get a new extension to their office, looks like it's going to be about twice as big.
  9. Is that E, S or W?

    I'm considering prop firms as well...

    Any other interview questions stick out?

    What types of questions do firms usually ask?
  10. Yeah I have the nico test tomorrow morning at 10 am. What kind of questions are on it? From your last post it seems like its gonna be tough.
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