Nickel and diming at open ecry

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by svrart, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. svrart



    I have been at open ecry for about a year, but have not traded much until recently. Two additional charges that I found - foreign holding fees for every contract. I am a US citizen living abroad and was told by these people that i would not be charged this fee, but I have been charged it anyway.

    Second charge - overnight holding fees. I swing trade and this fees can add up to quite a bit.

    Other than it I have found it to be ok, though my needs are very modest.

    Just go in with your eyes open,
    Sridhar Ramasami
  2. garak


    I didnt trade for about 3 weeks, just screened the charts. By what you say it seems this fee is charged even from existing accounts?
  3. svrart


    If you are not trading and have no contracts in your account then there is no charge. The charges I mentioned are per contract held in your account.
  4. garak


    Understood. Since when does OEC charge you the fees? Is it since 1/1/09?

    I negotiated lower (than standard) fees when I started trading with them some time ago. I will continue trading this week and see for myself if anything changed.