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    Nick Leeson just held a speech in Sweden. Swedish newspaper "dagens industri" reports that Leeson is trading again, namely currencies - GBP/USD to be exact.

    "I like the volatlity in currencies. They are traded sort of like derivatives", Says Leeson.

    No one can avoid the great market. Nick probably found out that his regular job wont give him the security he needs so he is back to his old ways.

    He used to have a full head of hair.
  3. yeah, pretty obvious that he's again involved in tradin' since he was lookin' [maye he still is] for a broker to trade currencies in this very board. handle: nick bearings.
  4. Has anyone read his book "back from the brink" ?
    Do you recommend it?

  5. He suffered cancer you ignorant redneck!
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    The book would be an interesting read. There is a film done too, called "rougue trader" i hear.

    Everybody knows something about what happened, but one must understand that Leeson should not be held responsible himself, but he must have had superiors etc that should have known about what he was doing.

    Nevertheless, Leeson has spent 3-4 years in prison in singapore and suffered from cancer so in my opinion he has paid for his mistakes many times over. Singapore prison is no holiday I guess, and we all know what cancer does to a man so Leeson needs a break. We all make mistakes, and one can only learn from the mistakes and avoid the same pitfalls.
  7. Bitstream, has anyone ever confirmed that NickBarings is actually Nick Leeson?

    One of his first posts on ET was:

    " I have learned my lesson ; " Never add to a loser"

    I am happy I found this board, I already learned a lot."
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    If nick is indeed trading again, i wish him luck. maybe the last life taught him some valuable lessons.

    Lets make some cabbage today. THKS
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    if you want to learn about prostitutes in South East Asia, this is a great book.
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