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    this guy is full of shit... its my friends cousin... he claims of a huge depression and real estate to be at .10 on a dollar... there are two types of ppl in this world those that are fueled by greed and those that are fueled by fear... obviously the ones fueled by greed have been ripped off already, now how do you get the fear ppls money??? create a wildly ridiculous pitch that is some what realistic however overly exaggerated and start reaping the profits... booyahkasha~!...
  3. Nick Guano? Yes, he is pretty much a pile of guano.

    gua·no ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gwän)
    n. pl. gua·nos
    A substance composed chiefly of the dung of sea birds or bats, accumulated along certain coastal areas or in caves and used as fertilizer.

    When the stock market didn't crash the way he was predicting for so long, he shifted his focus to a real estate crash.

    Con man, through and through.

    The following is an excerpt from this website:

    "It's hard to know who is being investigated by more Attorneys General, Nick Guarino or the brokerage houses. Nick appears to have the inside scoop on a lot of bad stuff in the world, but in many instances he's just as cheap and twice as dirty.

    Nick Guarino's The Wall Street Underground is garbage, unless of course you too are into conspiracy theory and voted for Bo Gritz in 1992. Actually, the guy has called the 2001-2003 bear market straight up, but his scammy business practices and deceptive marketing techniques are a big turn-off.

    We finally succumbed to curiosity and subscribed in 2000 after being inundated with come-ons in the mail over a period of 6 months. We got the $149.00 rate (it varies depending on what promotion they are using at the time) and got a free copy of Wall Streets' Forbidden Secrets - How to Make Money When the Market Goes Down. (More garbage.)

    The 96-page Forbidden Secrets booklet could be condensed into about three pages of useful information about shorting the market. We'll admit that he raises some interesting questions about Wall Street, but most of us just don't have the time to read his raving, long-winded, and fanatical ramblings. The document says over and over again, using several different phrases repeated randomly, that Nick believes that the market is going to crash, leading to another depression. He says stuff like, before too long we're going to see the biggest market wipe-out in history and, it's a no-s*** disaster of unspeakable size, and that he has no doubt that the US economy is headed for the worst financial wipeout ever.

    Guarino, supposedly a convicted felon, also accuses the mutual fund industry of being nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme that's committing heinous crimes against an unsuspecting investing public. We can't violate his copyright, but he writes that mutual funds are on the highway to hell and mutual funds are speculatory and heading for a wipeout of unheard of proportions. And, things like: listen to me, my Wall Street buddies, you are about to wipe out the public and they are gonna take a big chunk of you're a**. And, you won't like prison - they do special things to prissy, pencil-neck broker types. You get the picture. If you think this is worthwhile market commentary give Nick a call and place your order.

    More can be found here:
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    "Many of his ideas have been accurate, but the way he presents them is annoying and disrespectful of peoples' time. "

    thanx for the link since little is know about his service given the number of years I have been received his marketing letter unsolicited, I still have the check from him for 5K in case I subscribe and things don't work out then I can go ahead a cash it to get my money back, disclaimer, I have no idea if the check is any good.
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    its nick guarino...
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    he operated since 1999 and just get charged this April, SEC does move at warp speed lol, thanx for link.
  8. He always said the SEC and the Government were out to get him, I guess he was right about something after all.