nice trading game

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  1. iRiskIt


    Here's my attempt with the first stock.
  2. AyeYo


    Neraly impossible to beat the buy and hold due to lack of shorting. Otherwise, a good game.

    Totals: 302/1048 100 $44,472.90 +344.73% $49,864.40 +398.64%
  3. wow, i could do this all day. heres my first attempt ust plowng thru it lol

    Criteria Your
    performance Buy and hold
    Total % gain -20.17% -31.73%
    Total days invested 167 251
    Total number of trades 30 2
    Equivalent daily gain* -0.135% -0.152%
    Annualized gain for days invested** ---- -31.73%

    WooHoo -20%

    But, yea, making money long only in a stock that is tanking 30% is slightly trickier than when you can short. I would not have had a long bias in the first place for many of the trades I took.
  4. AyeYo


    I wonder if they'll ever update the game the make an improved version. It could be an excellent learning tool if shorting was included and you were able to control the position size.

    I played it 4-5 more times while bored at work. It's absolutely impossible to beat the "buy and hold" unless they give you multiple stocks that tank (which doesn't happen often). Seems like 3 out of 4 stocks are 100%+ winners in the period they give. Regardless, still pretty educational. I caught some of my mistakes (and more importantly, how to correct them), just from playing this game for an hour.
  5. yea I got to see some of my flaws come out over and over, even had some insightful moments regarding price action and when to stay out.

    And I destroyed buy and hold for about 4 stocks before I quit, but I wonder if it was me matching patterns to what I know happened in the past and cutting losses on losing stocks.