nice to see WFMI get its butt kicked. You cant cheat forever

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  1. Overpriced Yuppie garbage


    Trading <20 on a miss and div cut.

    Cut your prices, scammers.
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    it's not that expensive. ha

    interesting post on before the earnings:

    "the options market is priced for some volatility (possible earnings gap move of 11.2 percent) and this is probably due to two factors: 1) WFMI has missed analyst estimates during the three previous quarters 2) the company might announce a dividend cut. According to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal (page C1), “The company’s shares have fallen so far that they now yield 3.7 percent, meaty by historical standards–and potentially short-lived, if analysts are right.”
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    That whole organic thing was hype as well. So sad to see people paying 30-50% more for organic food.
  4. note the split was the high. so much for splits being bullish.

    maybe it doesn't apply to yuppie stocks.

    also, I don't hear much noise from the 'i'm a long term investor' crowd, now that 90% of the stocks on the board look like this or worse.

    that was always an absurd investment philosophy that I never bought into for a second.
  5. I've been eating organic foods for something like 20 years. I wouldn't say it's "30-50%" more. That said, I'm not sure what price you pay on food that isn't sprayed or otherwise grown wrong. Are you? It's only a question of price...and thankfully, I can afford it. Maybe one of these days you can too. LOL. But based on some of the posts I've read of yours it may be a while.

    Save your sadness for those who have health difficulties resulting from the food they ate to save money. Next time you respond to something, try to know something about it first.

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    i think crox is that too
  7. Just can't quite bring myself to let this slide.

    So... do you even know what "organic" means? It refers to a carbon-containing compound. Thus, there is no such thing as an inorganic apple. Period.

    That is the concrete, indisputable definition of the word "organic". The definition the farming industry (or at least parts of the farming industry) wants you to accept is "food that doesn't have 'unnatural' stuff in it". The problem is, there's no such thing as "unnatural". EVERYTHING comes from nature... don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Every single nasty artificial "chemical" ever made ultimately came from nature. (It's just a matter of processing) Some processed chemicals are deemed "natural"; some are deemed artificial and thus banned from use in 'organic' food. The decision to deem something 'organic' or not is completely arbitrary. You claim that your "organic" food hasn't been sprayed... wrong... it's just been sprayed with a chemical that's been deemed "organic".

    But let's assume for a moment that it isn't, and that somehow they properly and unambiguously classify techniques and chemicals as "natural" and "unnatural". Who the hell cares? Golden Rice is "unnatural" because it was genetically modified (to be MUCH healthier than regular rice, at least for cultures still suffering from vitamin A deficiency.) Wild-grown hemlock, on the other hand, easily passes the "organic" test. Plenty of herbal supplements (e.g. Ma Huang) are/were marketed as "natural" though they are quite deadly. "Artificially" vitamin-enhanced foods save millions of children around the world from once-common developmental diseases.

    I am not against the idea of healthier food. I'm not against the concept of newly synthesized compounds having to prove their safety *before* widespread consumption. A lot foods that tout themselves as 'organic' actually do a lot of things right and are indeed healthier. And some scientific advances, like trans-fatty acid based products, turn out to be REALLY bad.

    On the other hand, some foods which claim to be more-organic or more-natural (e.g. unpasteurized milk) are actually much more dangerous than their "artificial" counterparts. Plenty of beneficial, health-promoting techniques like irradiation, pasteurization, and genetic modification (depending on the genes altered--and before you go all Luddite on me please realize we've been modifying plants' genes for THOUSANDS of years. It's called selective breeding) are unfairly demonized even though they're proven to promote health, save money and/or even save lives.

    The organic movement is a sham. At best it's an attempt to over-simplify the issue of "healthy food" for extremely lazy consumers. At worse, it's an attempt to actively redefine "healthy" as "whatever marketable buzzword we've come up with this week." That they've managed to get the USDA in on the scam only makes it that much scarier.

    Stop buying into the bullshit. If you don't trust chemical X then don't buy anything that contains it. The stupidest thing you can possibly do is go out and buy something that claims to be "chemical-free" (if you don't understand what's wrong with that phrase... I give up.)

    Similarly, it's a lie to say that inorganic food exists. It doesn't. Ask a chemist. Organic means "containing carbon". Any other definition you find has been invented by marketers, lobbyists, and/or clueless hippies.
  8. Is it also sad to see people pay $25,000 for a Swiss Watch when you could get a Chinese watch for $25? You understand that one of the purposes of marketing is to establish a price mix that appeals to different parts (working class mom, upper middle class soccer mom, Hamptonite Botox MILF mom) of the customer crowd?
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    what stocks are currently in your "absurd investment philosophy" category?
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    under communism there was 1 ugly watch for the masses and the elite imported from abroad.
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