Nice starter Dual Head Card for $11

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bigmoose, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Surprised to see these in stock... quite an old, but still effective model. The warranty is only 90 days, so they must be used.

    These can be found on eBay used for $.99.
  2. Good lead on the ebay source! I thought the same thing as you, that they might be refurbs, and checked for scrapes on the gold flashed card edge connector. They had never been installed - no scrapes or scratches. Perhaps they are old, new stock?

    They did come with no instructions, no CD drivers, and in a static bag folded shut and taped with transparent scotch tape. They were in a generic white box, and had a pin or two bent on the expansion connector. So they were clearly not in new retail packaging.
  3. I'd used the newer 32MB version of this card in a 4-monitor setup. Worked very well for trading, but had virtually zero 3D capability... wouldn't even run my Marine Aquarium screen saver.... but otherwise they are just fine and are a quality VGA output.

    I don't know if these are available in PCI... but if so it would make for a terrific 4-monitor setup.

    The 32MB version comes in PCI, but usually a bit difficult to find. It has DVI + VGA.... would have been better as 2, VGA.