nice setup

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. Que,

    Are you still following thanks for the tip, I have been logging into their free set-up selection for a week now, amazing accuracy.

    By the way do you still trade cisco everyday?:p
  2. wwatson,

    that's a nice looking site, what features do you use? do you get spammed if you sign up for the free service?
  3. It is well worth you while sighing up for the free selection they had three big short winners today.

    I don't know about spam because I get so much rubbish in my e-mail as it is.

    They have introduced a learning chartroom and after seeing the power of the selection I am considering a trial. Ill keep you posted if I go ahead with it.

  4. Is there any other uncluttered readable site's anybody knows of like this one. I have been on loads and this is one of the only one's that has been easy to navigate.
    Most stock sites are full of useless information that just confuses.

    If you know of any others, good stock selection please let me know.