Nice R:R Trade - PPC

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by tommymoose, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. This trade is for anyone who likes trades with good risk:reward. Trades like this are my bread and butter. You only need to be right less than 20% of the time to make money... but these usually pan out more than that. I'm not going to into my screening criteria or too much of the methodology. If you're determined enough you can put some work in yourself and find out. I'm simply laying it out here for anyone who wants to follow along with a general entry point, stop and targets to scale out in thirds.

    Long @ ~$12.00
    Stop-Loss @ ~$11.00
    Target 1 @ ~$19.00 (R:R of 1:7)
    Target 2 @ ~$22.00 (R:R of 1:10)
    Target 3 @ ~$26.00 (R:R of 1:14)
  2. Do you believe that triple-bottoms are made to be broken? We'll see. :eek: