Nice job TradeStation!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Surdo, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Surdo


    The tradeserver is down, and you DO NOT pick up the phones!
  2. fseitun


    I have a pending order and I have no clue whether i got filled or not...

    phone lines are busy...good job TS...
  3. mrpace


    Yes, this is terribly frustrating. Their support forum seems down as well. I have an order hanging out there that I don't know if it is cancelled or not....
  4. fseitun


    Exactly, i cant even think of hedging out my position because i dont know whether the position was ever triggered.
  5. Surdo


    Their entire phone network is out!
    This is special, isn't it?

    You can see your position on RJOBrien website.
  6. fseitun


    What are we supposed to be doing with this pending order crap???
  7. Jaxon


    had an order in that would not cancel... so I had a position I did not want. Tried to place stop orders but couldnt tell if they went in or not.... cancel cancel cancel... nonresponsive... at 11:18 I hear, "order filled" it was the stop executed at 11:02.

    I have been on hold for 35 minutes, but calling with another phone gets only a busy signal.

    So, its one thing to have server/system/trade problems, but being totally inaccessible is not acceptable. Unless you tell me this could happen with any broker I am going to close my account.
  8. cchili00


    Just got through on the phone, they can't even confirm whether I'm in a position or not. What a joke!!

  9. fseitun


    Does your account balance show the loss?
  10. jbob


    Just talked to the bozos there at the Futures desk. They don't know anything. They can't tell me if my order was filled or not. Fortunately, if it was, the loss isn't too great-YET.
    #10     Aug 7, 2008