Nice inverse H&S in the making (s&p500)

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  2. Anyone know why posts of maxinger were deleted ?
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  3. %%No but its a bull market you know.Not a prediction,not bank insured...…,..
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  4. what does this have to do with the posts of maxinger being deleted :D
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  5. s&p looks like a bull market indeed, i try to trade where the wind blows.
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  6. BTC not showing signs of strength so no reason to exit the short. trend = friend
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  7. padutrader


    nice you are posting charts....i used to do the same but felt no one is interested in charts so i stopped..i may have been wrong just a impression i got
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  8. How can i put this in a banner under every post that i make :

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  9. hi padu i know you trade forex so ive got a question: how would you trade the chf/usd pair.

    We've broken out c&h but we came across a resistance line which gives the bulls a bit of trouble. Given that we are not near the c&h target, we still have more room to go up. On a smaller timescale we have 5 waves unfolding to the downside, so within that context we must wait for distribution to occur, therefore a buying opportunity would be the B in the picture. This is how i would play it, but you are a specialized in forex so what would you do?

    i do not trade this and i dont know forex , just curious.
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    buy or no buy ? i say buy but wait for confirmation
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