Nice HSI gap

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kiwi_trader, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. gangof4


    only a wanker doesn't know how to trade gaps.

    oops, almost forgot, i think i'm supposed to throw in a lame LMAO and LOL here too...
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  2. Ahhh ... the wanker arrives.

    Time to stop paper trading and telling us how big and important you are ... wanker. :D :p :D

    Let us know how good you are in 18 months when the market has turned you over and spat you out. Like most of the other's I've identified as wankers or twats on ET - you won't be here. And what's the betting it will be IB's fault or the markets fault ... anything but facing reality?
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  3. joesan


    Sorry if my question interrupt a classic trans-pacific campaign, and without any disrespect to both you and kiwi, could you tell me what is the meaning of " LMAO"? I am holding a student's dictionary and try to polish my English here .:D
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  4. gangof4


    i think one of our many problems is that you're too dim to understand sarcasm. unlike you , i don't cast myself in some self-important light. when you get older. perhaps, you'll understand that such a sense of self importance reveals your immaturity.

    as to the gaps, i did very well in the morning and got my dick handed to me in the afternoon in the HSI with the 75 points in 5 nanoseconds move. going counter-trend on a falling knife was stupid and i paid for it.
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  5. Laughing My Arse Off

    goes with Rolling On The Floor

    Illustrated: When I look back in 18 months and, recalling a spat with an idiot called Go4, I note he'd disappeared a month or two later, I fell about LMAOROTFL :)

    And on a good day, you'll find that the fools will reveal their true selves for anyone to see. Funny. :D
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  6. gangof4


    laugh or laughing my ass off.

    he shat all over my thread last night so i decided to do my best impersonation of the winner of kiwi wankfest 2007.
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  7. gangof4


    yeah, i've only made a living investing for over 20 years- back when you were just a youngster with your mum turning tricks to help feed you and her other john trick babies.
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  8. dtan1e


    don't know abt u guys but today was awesome for me :D :D
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