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  1. I know it's been debated, and hopefully discussed considerably, here on ET. It being evolution or creationism. I just watched a documentary called 10 Days on the History Channel. I think I'm pretty well versed on the Scopes trial, but this gives a good, two sided view in a short period of time. In case anyone is interested.

    Such things as 'dogmatic or faith based vs science' and 'I don't believe in evolution, so I don't want my children taught such a thing.' Two ideals worth of debate, not just the sanctity of Religion, but the will of the parents.

  2. Evolution and creationism are not mutually exclusive, c.

    Sorry to piss on the debate. The Creator could have swung the pendulum, and the pendulum could have swung into where we are today.
  3. I can say that no one knows where all this came from. By all this, I mean everything, earth sun stars and all the rest. So, perhaps there was some divine being at some point, maybe still. And, if so, who designed or created that divine being? On and on forever.

    My feeling is that we can see evolution, from a few million years ago here on earth. I have a hard time with the 5000 year old creationist version. I can also see alien intervention at some point. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some ancient alien crazy, but some of what we see has many possible explanations.

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    My sentiments exactly.

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    'don't know... so perhaps....'

    is same as 'don't know.' :)

    Anyway, some people do know where stuff came from, at least down to an infinitesimally tiniest fraction of a second.
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    Maybe our universe is just a particle created in an atom smasher in a much, much larger universe where time operates at an infinitesimally slow scale. Could there be an infinite chain of these universes at both larger and smaller extremes existing as particles that are incredibly small and large and beyond our ability to see, measure or fathom?

    Just one crazy idea.
  7. After seeing The Incredible Shrinking Man movie, seeing how things are seen down to the very small size, sure why not. Our Universe could just be a fish tank for some very bad child, or was in a Star Trek episode. But, yes, we have gone a long way with science, and I don't want to bet against science.

  8. Maybe it is just a pendant around someone's cat:D
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    Distant memories... that was an episode in the original series, yes?
  10. Men in Black, part I
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