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    Anyone home?

    AI is dumbfuck computers recognizing patterns. GI (general intelligence) are computers getting a sense of self.

    NI are dumbfuck humans wining pattern-recognizing competitions like math olimpics (held this year in my city) or getting hired at Google. NG are humans getting a sense of how vulnerable they are. SNG are INTELLIGENT humans getting NG (count me in).

    So who are you?
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    I am just a blue collar problem solver trying to determine if the market is more likely to go up than down (and vice-versa) and automate what I can.
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    Allright, pivoting. What if instead of investing in "AI" you'd instead go for "NI"? Instead of employing simple neural networks to do pattern matching, go for highly complex synapse connections to do physical phenomena identification.

    Don't use just one "computer" (human in NI case). And don't try just one path / idea.

    While it's possible to win the lottery all by oneself, or become a supertrader, most successful stories are associative stories. Humans have gotten so far in history precisely because of their innate ability to communicate and bind together for a commonly profitable goal.
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    Another thing if you look at human history is that communication and association with humans at considerable distance was a key element. Presumptively Neantherthals were wiped out precisely because of reticency or inability to bond with strangers and always preferred or limited their choices to their tribe. Sapiens on the other hand knew no such boundaries, since the oldest preserved records you can find evidence of communication and trade between very remote locations.
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    I'm trying to understand (for myself) why this drive of mine to speak to strangers on a relatively obscure (albeit specialized) forum and talk them into associating with me for a common enterprise ("beating the markets") rather than looking around me.

    And it's not like I couldn't find here guys who have more money than you or are smarter than you. Problem's these guys aren't interested in cooperating, aren't interested in finance as a gold-laying goose... lots of reasons including maybe some hot spot. I haven't got enough money to not care about how I invest them and at the same time I haven't got too few of them so investing doesn't even exist in my vocabulary.

    Being too poor to invest I understand. What I don't get is guys 2x my net worth who are as conservative as guys 1/10'th the same reference measure. Maybe, probably, well, just as thought exercise, perhaps I would be as conservative as them if I made 10x my current income. More likely not, say 100x and you're getting there... maybe.

    I dunno... I think that's what they call a risk approach and as Sherlock Holmes put it: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

    If all the guys in the vicinity around me (not just my city, the whole fucking retarded country) don't fit my risk preferences, perhaps the problem isn't me, it's them.

    Hence the reason why I'm talking on obscure (but specialized) forums with total strangers, quite possibly risk-adverse-retards like the ones around me :p
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    If you wanna understand how this world works (and why would you unless you wanna change that), apart from living in the general vicinity of where things happen (read: Holocaust and Gulag), it's also important that you understand not just how and what but also WHY they happened.

    For that, read Varlam Shalamov: Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag

    People say things are complicated and at the same time people would like a simple explanation ("God!", duh!) on things.

    Well, read point 30 on that guy's list and you'll find the answer to life, the universe and everything (on some books that's point 47, take notice! (allright, some firnds have pointed me that's point 42 in this universe)).

    And like the quantum relativity of Romanian roads which sais that no matter how many highways are built here, the time to traverse the space between point A and point B is constant anyways, so sais the 30'th law and it's no less valid because this forum is frequented by obscure specialized smart asses.
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    Really? Those same dumbfuck computers are soon safely driving your kids to school and back and win go and chess competitions against the most intelligent human beings on earth. The only dumbfuck here in the room is you. I never found it easier to put someone on ignore than you. What an idiot. You sound like the son of Jack Hershey.