NH Sec of State agrees to investigate 2008 Prez Ballot

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  1. "Representative, Lawrence M. Rappaport payed a visit to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State, on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

    His stunning request: an investigation of Barack Hussein Obama’s presence on the NH 2008 Ballot.

    Gardner’s stunning response: an investigation will commence."

    "Rappaport’s action follows stunning revelations that Nancy Pelosi deliberately signed two different forms certifying Barack Hussein Obama was the Democratic National Party candidate for the presidency. While these forms have been known to exist for some time, it was J.B. Williams, writing for the Canadian Free Press who brought them national notoriety, earlier this week."


    Noose is getting tighter.
  2. I can't imagine how the left will react if Obama is proven to be ineligible.
  3. Me either. Hope to see it! LMAO, BIG Time! But if that's how it turns out, all the liars who committed illegal acts to promote his candidacy should be put in jail.
  4. Eight


    The left.. they usually try to laugh things off, if that doesn't work then they claim intellectual and moral high ground with righteous indignation and demonize the opposition. If they are headed for a guilty verdict then the story stops getting reported...
  5. It is about time this item got looked into, for the sake of the constitution.

    If Mr. Obama is shown not to be a natural born citizen, one would assume Mr. Biden knew about this, obviously Ms. Pelosi knew, that being the case and Mr. Byrd being 132 years old, that would leave none other than Hillary Clinton as POTUS !!
  6. I read some discussion about how it would work. In an nutshell they said that Biden would become an interim Prez until new elections could be held.
  7. My point was that the fecal matter would be hitting the fan, and Biden would have to prove he was not aware of the cover-up, a tough sell with Hillary waiting in the wings.
  8. I guess so. Here is another link. Go about half way down and you will see the two different certifications. Its where I found this stuff to begin with.


    "Nancy Pelosi clearly commits FRAUD in the Obama vetting process!
    September 11th, 2009

    I just got this information from JB Williams. He has done an in-depth research on this and published his findings in the Canada Free Press.

    As a voting citizen, this just chars my butt.

    It is obvious that Nancy Pelosi and possibly many other DNC officials knew darn well Obama was illegal when they certified him on the ticket.

    The details are right here in Exhibit 1 and 2.

    Exhibit 1 clearly has the wording:"
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