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  1. Here is a play I am in right now.. Long at 12.35 bought today.

    This is a swing trade.
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  2. Here is another another one setting up. NFLX flag.
  3. Woops here is the NFLX chart.
    This is also a swing trade I am in on this one at 77.34
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  4. Your R:R is 7:1... Why?

    It looks somewhat too predictable to me, with the same stop, I would probably go for 13.00... Chart tells me too many people are watching it, so expecting a whipsaw I wouldn't wait for 14.50.

    But I'd be glad to see your reasons, I am sure you know what you are doing :)
  5. Good observation neurtinoe..If this play happens to hold up in this sell off this morning god willing lol. My thoughts would be this if it gets up to 13.75 whenever it does I would probably sell half to lock in that much of it at least. Letting the rest ride with a stop loss trailing the lows of the prior days. Good Point though. So far I have a stop loss in where I said on the charts so I will take it one day at a time.
  6. Now that's a good plan :cool: Good luck!
  7. Another look at the 60 min chart of NGEN
  8. stopped out of nflx stop loss was 77. One down one to go.
  9. Are you going to sell the whole NGEN position if it hits your stop (12.00) or just a part of it ? If you are bullish on the stock in general (it touches a 14-day EMA, has a volume backup, nice pullback), wouldn't you rather leave half the position with the same target and a lower stop?
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    anothe rone you may like is MCEL. see daily & 60min
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