NGC 3370

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  1. Who's gonna break the bad news to stu?
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  2. One thing for sure it's not at 1600 Pennsylvania except secret service
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  3. As it appeared 100 million years ago. Check out all the other galaxies in the image. What a photo.

    Astronomy is a hobby of mine. I took this image of M 109 a few years ago with my cheap scope with a cheap CCD on my homemade tracking mount. It's a stack of many individual images through green, blue and red filters. I haven't done much recently. Have to get back into it. All the individual stars in the image are within our own galaxy

    I think it's amazing that from the chaos of the big bang there arose structures like these with only simple physics guiding the process. A straight bar? WTH?

    This guy is from about 84 million years ago when we were just rat-like creatures scurrying around eating dinosaur eggs.

    The cool thing about galaxies is that when you are looking at them you just know someone is looking back.

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  4. Lucrum


    What makes you think you've evolved?
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  5. Thanks for that. What are the possibilities for intergalactic travel? I have always thought of escaping this world to another galaxy as nowadays DARKNESS is all around me. You get my drift?:cool:
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  6. It's difficult to imagine with all that out there, that there would be nothing other than us. Must be a reason we're all so far apart. Can't even fancy a guess.
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  7. God made us all so far apart cause liberalism "sucks" literally.
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  8. Yep, we do. Scandinavia would be just right for you. :)
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  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Forget about other galaxies. There's so many planets in our own galaxy - hell, in our own arm spiral than we could possibly need. All we need is someone to come up with FTL travel.
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  10. FUCK THE LEFT travel, I'm all for it.:D

    Maybe Lucrum could help us out.
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