NGC 3370

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  1. Ricter


    For your contemplations, a galaxy quite like ours, with hundreds of billions of stars. And there are billions more galaxies like it!

    <img src="">

    Pardon me, what were we arguing about?
  2. But.... do they have ET ?
  3. 1.I believe there is other intelligent life out there

    2.Reminds me of Tom Cruises space speech in Collateral
  4. You mean there is intelligent life outside the ET P&R forum... this is shocking news..... because lord knows we have not found much intelligent life inside the P&R forum. :)
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    exhibit A
  6. Mav88


    more interesting right now is comet PANSTARRS

    google it, check it out next clear sunset
  7. Wonder if they have Obamas ruling over their galaxy making life miserable for everyone else.
  8. Obama cut Nasa funding to appease them.Like most other countries they want The US out of there space
  9. Lucrum


    <a href=""><img alt="Smiley kissing ass" width=49 height=35 src=""></a>
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    I'm pretty sure there isn't any intelligent life east of the Mississippi or west of the Sierra Nevadas. Except for Lucrum, Tsing, AAA, Ohms and LeapUp, of course, and maybe a few others.
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