NG term-structure

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  1. Gueco


    Does it make send the 2014 summer is almost flat?
  2. Does anything make sense?
  3. Numb3r13


    Cal 14 is trading over Cal 15, which is trading over Cal 16. That's not the norm either, nor is negative basis in some Northeast markets. H/J has been back to some of its old tricks as some degree of uncertainty sets in.
  4. Current curve is certainly not the norm and yes, the cal spreads are nuts. F/G and F/H got slammed. Front and red H/J have had a nice run. This move has been interesting.
  5. John Arnold is back. :eek: :D
  6. Numb3r13


    Weather turned cold toward the end of the month, and we are looking at what could be a record storage withdrawal today. Bulls back in the driver's seat, but fundamentals should prevent a larger bull move from unfolding as we are losing coal demand and these prices are making dry-gas plays economic again which should cap the upside. H/J back out to 18 cents as it has doubled from the correction down from 20 cents to 9 cents from Friday to the early part of the week - volatile.
  7. G and H vols are up 5-6% since yesterday. F and the rest of the curve vols were up only ~.5-1.0%.

    H/J was screaming today.
  8. lx008


    Seems that vortex will stay for one more week and maybe till delivery day for the march contract.Cold weather and low stock helped bulls a lot.