high can it go?

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  1. Day after day, this thing keeps going up. I picked up some sept 7.50 calls for 65 cents today. I'm hoping the 14.7 million oz of gold they discovered last month is going to keep pushing this stock up. Personally I'm hoping they decide to sell out to someone for 20+ bucks, but i wont hold my breath.
  2. Its down almost 8% right now.
  3. LOL! I knew it! Everytime i make a post about a stock it goes down! I think i've only ever posted about 4 or 5 stocks on ET and EVERY one went down after i posted. I think there maybe someone on this board with REALLY deep pockets that shorts the hell out of all my calls :p
  4. I'm in at 2.80.:)

    If it goes to 30 I can retire.:D

    If gold goes to 1500 it should do well there is lots of leverage on this.

    It's already up 1000% from the lows by the way.

    Too bad I missed that.
  5. BTW Barrick once offered 1.5 billion $ for it when gold was at 600$ which was refused.

    Today marketcap is 900 million $ and gold is at 970$.
  6. And we are back to the races.:)
  7. WRN

    11 million oz Au and billions of pounds of copper. Selling for 80 cents.

    Market cap 58 million.
  8. Correct me if im wrong but with that offer they didnt have all the extra proven reserves that they have today too. I think as gold keeps going higher, there might be a panic to buy mining companies also.

  9. I dont know about them. They are on the canadian exchange and all there mines are way out in the middle of nowhere. Could be another bre-x :p Although It would be nice to have that ride up like bre-x. 45 cents to 286 dollars to 3 cents. Now thats a ride!
  10. Trades on the TSX (not the Venture exchange). Their gold/copper's in the Yukon and has been verified by the appropriate authorities. It isn't an accessibility problem, it's an Indian problem that's keeping the stock down. WRN got to .98 today on improved volume. Could be the 1st Nations people are ready to make a deal. I'm not touting the stock; it's just one of many Canadian juniors with proven reserves that could be 10-baggers IF gold takes off.

    Bre-X was a Canadian company but it's properties weren't in Canada. Companies that have their properties in Canada are closely regulated and are as safe as or safer than companies with properties in the U.S.
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