NG 11.62--What the heck is going on here?

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  1. After the Katrina Spike this thing trades between 6-8 a btu-----this move up in NG is just rediculous, NG is local-----not global----remember Amaranth-----wonder who blows up this time----somebody will blow up when this corrects---just insanity---liquid NG even makes it cheaper------------total rediculous price runnup after the winter heating season----this market is off its rockers over the last 6 weeks!!!!! We have had 3 Inventory builds in a row---------just insanity!!!
  2. Screw fundamentals and buy commodities

    Nat Gas is still trending behind the masses

  3. The market is expecting inventory builds until the shoulder season. The market is bullish even with normal weather, as inventories are no longer bearish. We are still below 6:1 against crude, as well. Not only that, but LNG is very expensive.

    If you want to bitch about price, bitch about crude. This NG price makes sense even if crude were $70. (although I doubt it'll stay up here if crude falls to $70)
  4. Yeah, but here is the crucial point NG and Crude are two different entities, like Oil and water. One has absolutely Nothing to do with the other. This relationship was based on an equilibrium that existed 15 years ago, and if it had any merit it wouldn`t have diverged 5 years ago. It means nothing, if I hear another stupid talking head spout this nonesense, I.......just spazzzzz out some

    Anyway, scab look at that chart, there is nothing is way of supply issues that would cause that chart, that chart is emblematic of a hurricane hitting the gulf of mexico and doing damage, nothing could be further from the truth.

    LNG isn`t expensive, otherwise it wouldn`t have even come online when it did when NG was trading at 5 a btu, give me a break with this bs.

    NG is not made from oil, it comes out of the ground naturally in NG pockets inthe Earth.

    NG is not an inflation hedge.

    Chinease citizens can get all the free NG they want in the country with those big bags the easants use to steal NG to heat their homes.

    NG is all over the place, and abundant as hell.

    Their is no PEAK NG THEORY.

    It desn`t take millions of years to make new ng deposits.

    America has more NG in this country, they don`t need to drill in Alaska for it, they have an abundance of it, more than they could possibly ever use, right here, in the US----NOT SAUDI ARABIA----BIG DIFFERENCE---in places that they are allowed to use-----they dont need Congress to give them access----like oil-----drilling in Alaska and off th us coasts----BIG DIFFERENCE FROM OIL!!!!!!

    Quit listening to traders and stupid sheep analysts talking the same old and tired bs.


    SCab your right about one thing, when the trend trading crowd latches onto an entity they just run it up to the moon......but with a natural resource that affects poor people and the elderly on fixed income with AC bills this summer, the US needs to step in on moral grounds------sometime the overall good is more important that a bunch of WS FIRMS pushing up this market b/c they have blown up every other market from nasdaq, housing, wheat, stocks, and this is their only refuge!!!!!!!!!!
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    There is a lot of fear that prices for NG and oil will continue to rise when FED keeps lowering interest rates,,,it's more of market psychology than anything than interest rates alone. FED is causing inflation fears. FED should just shut up or keep the FED rate same for 2 years. .50 or 1 increase or decrease won't cause someone to buy a brand new gas guzzzling v8 car or overpriced 1 million dollar apartment.

    lowering of disposable income and rising fuel prices have already crippled airlines and driven food prices by 50%!!!! in the last 3 years.

  6. Now it has hit $11.80, up .37 cents overnight, somebody is playing around with the stops on this instrument.

    Its not like the Nigerian Rebels, going on the warpath affect this instrument.

    Its the only instrument in the entire complex that is out of whack---what news is this spike regarding?

    If not, this needs to be investigated!!
  7. It looks like related to China news that they halt gas production. I cant find any other news around, or may be someone big being liquidated...

    Who knows, may be is a great short opportunity.
  8. reminds me of the copper spike a week or so ago when it hit 4.20 or so on thinly traded market time----now trades in 3.70`s-----there is so much bs----in all these commodities from Copper to Crude right now------stories will come out years later about all the shenanigans pulled off by traders!
  9. Short Natty hey Pal?

    A scene from Kindergarden Cop comes to mind when Arnold yells

    "STOP YOUR WHINING....STOP IT!!!!!!!!"

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