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    Hello Traders,

    Most important today:
    US NFP data

    What we could see after?

    In my opinion every number above 120.000-150.000 should push usd on higher levels and 1,2450-1,2500 will be on the cards,

    but what could happen if number will be below 100.000?

    we could see usd sell-off, ok, but how long? to 1,2740 or 1,2800 and after this another round of buing usd?

    Propably number below 50.000 will see strong sell-off usd on the boards...

    At this moment dont want to trade against usd, propably better to put sell order eur-usd ahead NFP, maybe will see surprise number?

    Good Luck

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    EUR-USD –

    New low yesterday at 1,2501 after FOMC , strong bounce back today but at this moment still favor short positions…
    Selling area 1,2575-90 and above 1,2610, sl above 1,2640-50 for 1,2460-80,
    Important US Trade Balance today….

    Currently short from 1,2545…

    GBP-USD –

    Pair now trying to back above 1,8600-15, next resistance near 1,8635-60 also looks good for short…
    Short from 1,8524 was stopped out…

    Holding short from 1,8565, will add near 1,8645 sl above 1,8685


    As I wrote yestrday, correction possible…but still favor long positions… level to buy 119,25-30 or 118,60-85…


    As I wrote yesterday, bullish for 1,14 while above 1,1320, max today 1,1384, if You’re long try to take profit here at 1,1360 or put sl on entry level…

    The Canadian dollar was down
    versus the greenback on Wednesday as another slide in commodity
    prices weighed on the currency, which could drift further given
    the lack of any key domestic data.

    With no key Canadian data due out during the session to
    impact the currency, traders seemed content to focus on weaker
    commodities, particularly oil and gold, which often move in
    line with the Canadian dollar.

    The commodity story has been hurting the Canadian dollar
    for a while now. What's kept it as high before that is the huge
    amount of M&A activity," said Bart Melek, senior economist, at
    BMO Capital Markets.
    "But I think that's kind of getting washed out of the
    market and a lot of the strong commodity-based fundamentals are

    USD-CHF – look to buy on dips 1,2630-50 for 1,2780-2800

    AUD-USD –

    Good demand noted this morning for topside Aussie calls after
    strong employment data overnight. Traders note stops at $0.7485 and

    200 DMA at 0,7478, now we are above this level…

    Bearish below 0,7440-50, bullish above 0,7500, still watching


    Current 0,8362 … testing 50% fall from 0,9448 to 0,7375…
    200 DMA below 0,81, also good support at 0,8100 ( trendline ), watching…


    Very interesting situation, long term downtrend-line on daily chart is underpressure, daily close above could be very bullish, on the other hand consolidation 21,7000-22,6000 also possible…


    Consolidation 5,7500-5,9500, supoort 5,85 then 5,80, also range –break to the upside possible…

    USD-HRK –

    Look to buy again on dip 5,85-5,86 for minimum 5,94-95…and for 6 and above later..


    HUF is a stronger than we expected at this moment range-break to the downside possible, watch support near 212,00, speculative traders can to take long here ( 212,50 ) with tight sl below 212 for move minimum 216, daily close below 212, we will have bigger chances for back to 208…

    USD-MXN –

    Watch support 10,9200-9500, resistance 11,1000, bigger chances at this moment for bears

    USD-PLN -

    If You are still long, You can take some profits here 3,1215-25 for rest put sl on entry level tp 3,14, look to buy on dips again…or on break to the upside

    More details about other currency than majors after weekend