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  1. 120k revisions in the prior two releases? I have no problem with the reaction to the data, but the data is a joke. Do away with surveys and simply take the notional W-2 / W-2 recipients. The IRS can calc the number to the penny, so why are they using an opaque and antiquated system?
  2. The "official" unemployment rate now is 7.5%.

    The Fed has said that at 6.5% they will start to raise interest rates.

    Obama has been manipulating the unemployment percent number so that it is dropping .01% per month. he is doing this by dropping people out of the pool set.

    Are we really within a year of interest rates rising, if so then the game is over.
  3. 1) Dude, you're too intelligent and logical. :cool:
    2) If government agencies were modernized/automated/computerized/efficiency-ized/simplified/updated, thousands and thousands and thousands of those employees would become unemployed thereby impacting the employment statistics. :eek: :p :D :)