NFP Sectors that Gained in Feb? Temp Workers and Government.

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    Apparently, TEMP WORKERS and Government are now the backbone of the economy. Unbelievable.

    Since the start of the recession in December 2007, payroll employment has fallen by 8.4 million.

    Construction employment fell by 64,000 in February, about in line with the
    average monthly job loss over the prior 6 months.
    Job losses were concen-
    trated in nonresidential building (-10,000) and among nonresidential specialty
    trade contractors (-35,000). Since December 2007, employment in construction
    has fallen by 1.9 million.

    Employment in the information industry dropped by 18,000 in February. Since
    December 2007, job losses in information have totaled 297,000.
    In February,
    employment in transportation and warehousing continued to trend down.

    Employment in manufacturing was essentially unchanged in February. Small job
    gains in a number of component industries were offset by job losses in motor
    vehicles and parts and in chemicals.

    Retail trade employment was unchanged in February, after a sizeable increase
    in January.
    Over the month, job gains in building material and garden supply
    stores (7,000) and in department stores (6,000) were offset by declines in
    food and beverage stores (-9,000).

    In February, temporary help services added 48,000 jobs. Since reaching a low
    point in September 2009, temporary help services employment has risen by
    284,000. Health care employment continued to trend upward in February.

    In February, employment in the federal government edged up. The hiring of
    15,000 temporary workers for Census 2010 was partially offset by a decline
    in U.S. Postal Service employment.