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  4. this pig has to be a pump and dump...$1 billion to allow streaming of additional movies doesnt warrant such a gap up....

    lets see 50 P/E, in addition blockbuster which has no 28 days wait for new movies + just added game rentals to its membership fee (a game changer).

    Going to buy some puts tomorrow, 6.5billion market cap wtf....
  5. u crazyyy
  6. Banking some nice puts bought from yesterdays high today :)
  7. cheerios to those who went short as it broke the highs at 128
  8. up 400/ea on aug 140 puts, up 100/ea on aug 130s

    sold all aug 125 puts for breakeven from yesterday, at risk to expire if nflx stays this strong.
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    go go go go :D
  10. From the news I read, <a href="">Netflix</a> seems to be expanding like crazy. Maybe they'll get bought out by a cable provider that wants the distribution channel.
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