NFLX! way too expensive, yet again

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    NFLX was overpriced and set to crash at 61.
    NFLX was overpriced and set to crash at 80.
    NFLX was overpriced and set to crash at 100.
    NFLX was overpriced and set to crash at 150.
    NFLX was overpriced and set to crash at 170.

    Now NFLX is overpriced and set to crash at 186.

    Or you could just stay long :-D

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    There is no such thing as too expensive or too cheap.
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    i've heard this arugement when nflx was at $35, $50, $75, $100 etc. people kept shorting this stock all the way up.

    as long as comcast shows 'B' grade movies on their on-demand crap, and as long as comcast shows limited movies on their pay per view, i see no reason why nflx goes to $300.

    nflx is a great model
  4. but they add so many subs, how could it not be a great business.............
  5. You can become immortalized if you do call the "final top". :)
  6. 50% short interest. NUFF SAID

    You shorters are the cause of the bubble !!!

    When you short.. you cover back higher.. and cause the bubble to get bigger.. attract more shorters.. vicious cycle.. NFLX at 400-1000 a share is very possible!!
  7. S2007S


    Nflx is going to face huge competition, what could really hurt them is if these cable providers would offer some kind of unlimited plan or basic monthly plan to the movies they show on their set-top boxes. If cable providers were smart they would make this move immediately to start offering some kind of service that can compete with nflx.

    I have seen the prices for movies on demand from the like of the cable providers and I can say once you have rented just 2 movies you can pay for the basic nflx package of unlimited streaming movies and one DVD a month. Why cable providers still charge outrageous prices on rental movies is beyond me. Anyone who pays $5.00 to rent a single movie from a cable provider is an idiot. Like I said all it takes is the cable providers to offer some kind of cheap packaging deal for movies and nflx could start feeling some huge losses in its stock price.
  8. cable providers have enjoyed their monopoly for such a long time that they have become unable to innovate and compete.
  9. NFLX actually increases the subscription fee.
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