nflx up $21 (8%)

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  1. New high ~$290. So glad i decided to leave this piece of shit alone a while back after losing a few pennies at $200. P/E close to 85 now.

    All because it expanded into latin america :eek:

    Any shorters still around? :p
  2. Keep your powder dry. Your chance is coming but do not step in front of the train.
  3. the gap up always gets tested

    go long @ 260.

  4. Short is approx 21% of float, although less than a month ago.

    Other companies with high P/E and large percent of shares short:,fa_pe_o25,sh_curvol_o1000,sh_short_o20&ft=2

    ATHN athenahealth, Inc. P/E:100.43 Fwd P/E:40.92 PEG:2.71
    DANG E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. P/E:611.5 Fwd P/E:101.92 PEG:9.22
    NFLX Netflix, Inc. P/E:83.23 Fwd P/E:44.29 PEG:2.91
    OPEN OpenTable, Inc. P/E:137.78 Fwd P/E:53.31 PEG:3.61
    QIHU Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. A P/E:291 Fwd P/E:166.29 PEG:N/A
    SODA SodaStream International Ltd. P/E:67.05 Fwd P/E:32.15 PEG:2.01
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    If Cable companies were smart and wanted to get into the game they would do exactly what netflix is doing, but have failed so far to do so. Few weeks ago I checked the movie listings through my cable provider and movies that were a few months old were renting for $5 bucks, even older movies that are years old were available for $1.99 to $2.99, now who is going to spend upwards of $5-$6 on one movie when you can spend a few dollars more and get thousands of movies for $10 bucks a month. If the cable companies were smart and wanted to get in the game all they would have to do is start offering their own service for movies for one flat fee.

    Netflix might see it shares soar to $400 or even a $1000, but when the game changes which it will and ALWAYS does in years to come NFLX stock will collapse just like every other company who has ever been on top. Streaming movies to TV is being led by Netflix, but this game will totally change in years to come once more TVs have access to the internet which is growing very rapidly today and will for the next few years to come! When the time comes this stock will fall extremely hard and the shorts when timing it perfect, which wont be easy, will make a lot of money! Until then this stock goes higher.