NFLX earnings today

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  1. noone3


    what do you guys think about this one? Last time earnings were bad and the stock plunged well...
  2. selling down to 99-102

    not too weird these markets-- a few months ago people are buying at 250-300. Now it's not worth 101. Crazy society of gamblers
  3. lwlee


    Netflix is f*cked.

    Netflix Q3 revenue $423 mln vs $553 mln
  4. Well stated, agree 100%.

  5. raising prices 50% in a recession/depression, now that's hubris.
  6. notice not one of you clowns posted before the earn was announced.
  7. hitnrun


    no suprise with cautious outlook . management debacle created the death spiral

    stock could be a buy in the 70 dollar range at some point
  8. billioanires made in puts on nflx, 50,000-1 gain
  9. I actually shorted it at the close based on a tip by an experienced trader.

    I'm sure you don't buy that but its true.
  10. noone3


    During the last earnings season i bot aapl and made an easy 30$ spread in a few minutes.
    Then i thought i could do the same with NFLX a few days later but lost a bit less than what i had made with aapl.
    This is why i was curious about this earnings result. Especially given the stock performance over the last few months, I didnt expect anything better than this, but i did sit this one out.
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