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  1. NFLX keeps going up and up. Tons of shorts. It's a Motley Fool's rule breaker. Good fundamental too. Broke to new high (again) today on an upgrade.

    AMZN chart also looks good. BBBY announced good earning. Will be good for the sector.

    I don't know about you but we have been buying things. Just too tired of worrying about the recession. The media is the cause for our economy not to recover because we don't want to spend. I mean the ones who can affort to spend.

    I will go to Vegas with many others in the family this weekend. We plan to enjoy and forget about the media.
  2. Here is NFLX Chart with ABC Bullish/Dragon patterns.


  3. AMZN Inv. Head & Shoulders pattern


  4. Thanks Suri. I like your charts.
  5. The inverted pattern will lead to about $85 using $35 head and length from head to shoulder.
  6. AMZN Inv. H&S Target chart



  7. Right on!!!
  8. NFLX chart is beautiful. NFLX also got an upgrade yesterday. Sine flue will keep people inside watching movies more, no need to go to the theaters.
  9. Watch the broker downgrades. The shorts will defend. When the stock weakens, jump on it.

    Brean Murray did it several times to DNDN. How'd that work out?
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    LOL. People don't refrain from spending because of what they hear on TV. The money in their pocket is the determinant.
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