NFLX about to make a very big move---

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  1. NFLX has been consolidation/coiling. its about to make a very big move. a good trader will wait and see which direction and then pull the trigger. if the move is up,its going to 220 very quickly. again,we still donm't know and there should be NO GUESSING GAMES in trading. lets wait for confirmation and then jump on it. if we have to short,so be it and we will. to me,NFLX is one of the revolution stocks such as AAPL,GOOG,AMZN,and PCLN.
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  2. maybe, the spring does look coiled a bit but i am giving up on this stock. No matter which way i slice this pig, up, down, up OR down, no move... cant make decent coins.

    I think netflix and I just dont work....come to think of it, all the girls tell me that too!
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    While I'm doing my end of week review, analysis and study, I take breaks, go outside, get some fresh air and sunshine, then surf ET a bit, before resuming my work.

    Just when I'm about to lose all faith in the ET trading community from reading things like, "don't daytrade you will lose money", there is a sudden Ray of Light that cuts through it all :)
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    I have been following it for months and it is acting unusual I posted before that 169 may be a breaking point to the downside but now I think it's more like 164 I'm long currently but am going to exit around that level

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    I love being long NFLX... it's like a crazy joyride.
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  7. and the move was made TODAY.....GO LONG TO 220...
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    What was your entry trigger, break through Friday's high or break through an opening range today? Nice breakout, either way!
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  10. I got out around 170, NFLX is just a wild ride, it needs to blow but its impossible to determine when.
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