Nflx $200!!!

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  1. holy fuck! touched $200, 75P/E. This stock is my moby dick, to short or not to short again. arggg!
  2. S2007S


    This stock is on my list of stocks that dont go down!!!!!

  3. NoDoji


    If they did a 10:1 split, they'd be back at $200 in about 3 months, sooner if enough analysts downgraded them :p
  4. hajimow


    Agreed. It reminds me of Sanjaya almost winning American Idols. I am sure some longs are just pushing it up and laughing. Now it is almost 208. Now longs are saying how about pushing it higher to $220 tomorrow?
  5. ptrjon


    the longs aren't buying, it's the shorts that are buying :-D

    Thinking about selling half of my position after more sqqquuueeezzzeee
  6. iprph90


    only if i had bought some when i started using their service 8 months ago!! anyone see any formidable competitors?
  7. its not about competitors.. the BANDWITH thing can become a achilles heel for it.. SINCE it is piggy backing on broadband providers unlimited plans.. someone will crack soon and start charging for big downloads. then watch the fun.
  8. Only a matter of time before all the cable company's take a majority of the business being that most of them own the studios making the films and the networks... If they dont own the the studios they have good relations with all the networks who are in turn owned by the studios anyway, so who's going to get left out in the dark...

    Major film studios.... which account for About 88% of ALL movies made....

    -Universal - Owned by NBC universal - which is owned by Comcast the largest cable provider in the country- which owns NBC and 50 channels, plus 20 other studios AND NETFLIX MAIN COMPETOR HULU...

    -Warner Brothers - owned by Time warner - which owns Time Warner cable and 20 other telivison channels...

    -20th century Fox - Owned by News corp - which owns Fox and 70 other television channels plus 20 other Film studios

    -Paramont/Dreamworks - Owned by Viacom - which owns CBS, MTV,VH1,Nick and 50 others...

    -Disney/Pixar - owned by Disney - Which owns ABC, Disney and a bunch more...

    Whos going to get the movie rights in the future....... The cable company's, which they own or do the majority of there business with........or Netflix....

    Comcast is already going after level 3...........
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    CFO leaving -this is when it gets real interesting.:D
  10. I have been telling some investors to sell and take profits, or hold and go long some puts or sell and long some calls and use the cash elsewhere when NFLX was in the 200's. They got in at the mid 20s.

    I wonder what they will say tomorrow morning. Greed makes people stupid. This is what slaughtered the dotcom pigs. I will reiterate to sell. I mean going from 20s to 3 digits is a great run but get off the train before it heads off the cliff.
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