NFL Playoffs

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  1. 100% correct. You have one of the best passing QB's around and you're running? Taking a knee with 30 seconds left and two time outs? That's a life time. Extremely poor play calling, and it cost them the game.
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  2. BSAM


    Fox needs his ass kicked or his head examined, or both, for this misstep.
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  3. Not to mention the horrible prevent defense played by Denver, this was a coaching loss in my opinion.
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  4. Atlanta got the ball back on around the 25 yard line with 25 seconds left and 2 time outs, made 2 completions to get into field goal range and kicked the winning field goal .Even after getting into field goal range they had 13 seconds left :cool:

    ATL had to go for it because they were down one but even if they were tied I think they would have tried to get into field goal range before the game ended
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  5. Most of us went 2-2 this week .I'm thinking NE and SF next week
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  6. The only pick I really second guessed myself on was the SF vs GB since I wasn't sure which Kaepernick would show up...

    I was also looking forward to a possible SF vs SEA NFC Championship as that would be something to watch.

    I'll go with SF vs NE as the winners for this upcoming week...I think that would be a much more entertaining watch than a possible BAL vs ATL (that would probably get much lower ratings also).
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  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thanks, i should have bet on the outright win as opposed to betting the spread as it only paid 2-1 instead of 4-1, changed my mind at the last minute and decided to take what i thought was the sure money, because i didnt see one analyst who thought baltimore could win, as a trader i should have known better than to listen to those guys, but i still made a bunch of money off it.

    All and all that was probably the best weekend of football i can remember in a long time, all 4 games were exciting.
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  8. Sad.... the way Broncos blew it. Cost me a party, too. The entire neighborhood was planning to gather at my pad to watch the Super Bowl on our 111" Big Screen... but now, not much interest.

    Von Miller is my neighbor... maybe we'll drown our sorrows with a few tall boys.

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    So anybody got picks on these games?

    I think the 49ers go and I am not sure about this NE game. It seems NE should win but I think Baltimore might be pulling what the New York Giants did last year. At the end of the day, you have to go with Brady.

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  10. Lets go Brady !!!!
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