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    So its division week. Some say this is the best weekend of the year for football. I am looking for some analysis on what will transpire.

    As for me, I see Denver and New England moving forward in the AFC. Manning and Brady are getting old so we dont know how many more of these Brady/Manning playoff match ups will get.

    The NFC is a different story. I don't really have a strong feeling in either game. In the end I see SF winning, and I am going with the upset of Seattle over Atlanta.

    One interesting thing could happen. What if Seattle and Green Bay win? Then we will have a rematch of the game with the blown call to give Seattle the win. That could be interesting.

    Let the predictions begin.

    My picks
  2. Denver

    Rooting for my fav Brady,one more SB win and he is the greatest QB of all time !!!!
  3. Broncos

  4. Denver

    Interesting thing is that both Denver and New England are 10 point favorites. Seems like every mook bettor is piling on both of them in a 3 team teaser down to a pick 'em. The old "all they have to do is win" bet.
    Seems too easy. Which means it isn't. Huge upset coming this weekend?
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Im betting heavily on Ravens +10, i think that game is grossly out of whack, and i cant see the Ravens coming out flat like they did earlier in the year with this possibly being Ray Ray's last game, he will have them ready to go.

    The new England one im not so sure about, Belichick has only lost once in his life after a bye, or something like that, and i could see New England putting up a couple touchdowns early, and taking Foster out of the game. The flip side is if Houston can hold off the early momentum of New England it should be a close game, im avoiding that one.

    Picks are

    New England
  6. wildchild


    I considered that too, but I think they may have used it all last week.
  7. BSAM


    San Francisco
    New England
  8. Didn't bet it, but congratulations to the Baltimore backers. Huge odds on the money line.

    The cold definitely got to Manning and Fox played way too conservative (maybe he knew Manning wasn't 100% due to the neck stiffening up?)

    Good start to the weekend games.
  9. Amazing pick Max
  10. Fox fucked up big time imo when it was 3rd and 7 with around a min thirty left and he ran the ball rather then going for the 1st down that would have ended the game

    With 30 seconds left and 2 time outs he should have also tried to get into field goal range imo
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